Expositions on Finding Happiness through Non-Conformity


If anyone questions the power of taking action, read this blog post. The little voice inside your head that says work is hard is just the whiny-bitch, Resistance. Feel the passion in a man’s words who works to conquer resistance every day. Can you feel the life? Can you feel the love? To paraphrase Joseph Campbell once again, the greatest cure for the unauthentic life is the authentic life. Thanks for your “authenticity elixir,” Daniel Bean.

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Last week I was feeling pretty high. I had just finished the first draft of the manuscript of my first non-fiction book: a memoir of how I smashed through all sorts of barriers in my life in the last few months, including losing 40 pounds, finally starting to follow my dreams that I had given up on 20 years ago, and learning how to create every day. And I had  just made my first 35 cents as a published author. Yes, I was feeling pretty smug. I had just given Resistance a huge bitch-slap to the face. Nothing could stop me now. I was ready to start my challenge to write my first novel in 30 days, before my 35th birthday on June 19th, using Victoria Schmidt’s Book In A Month as a guide and a motivator.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

Well, not literally. But…

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